Alex Wooten | Gainesville Doula

Alex - Gainesville Doula

I began my journey towards serving women during the birthing years during my first pregnancy. Before becoming pregnant myself, I knew very little about childbirth and the options women had for delivering a baby. I began reading and researching, and discovered a newfound appreciation and respect for the amazing things women’s bodies can do. I realized that birth is not the medical emergency depicted in television and movies, but rather a normal process women go through. I found a calling for my life- to normalize and support women during one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.

I want every woman to feel empowered and informed during their birth. No matter where or how she chooses to labor, a woman should feel like she was listened to and supported. She should be treated with love, respect, and compassion. As she works to perform her own miracle- delivering a human earth side- she should be treated as the sacred vessel that she is. I believe that women’s bodies were created to bring forth life, and I trust in their ability to birth. Birth is a paradoxical process, you are both vulnerable and extremely powerful. The idea of women supporting women during this journey is ancient and powerful, and I am honored to be invited to attend and be a part of this sacred space.

When I am not being a doula, I am a stay at home mom to four energetic little boys (you can read my birth stories in the blog). I am married to a wonderful husband and enjoy caring for my backyard chickens and garden. I also like being artistic and reading fantasy novels. And, as most mothers of little ones are, I am a coffee enthusiast! I am passionate about supporting women during the childbearing years, and I stay active in my local birth community. I hope to eventually pursue certifications in Childbirth Education and Lactation Consultation. 

**I am a registered doula at North Florida Regional Medical Center.